What services do you offer?
Tidy-Up Junk Removal offers full service, residential and commercial junk removal. This means we can remove items and debris from your home, office, garage, attic, construction site, you name it. We also offer demolition services and removal of bulky items.
How does Tidy-Up Junk Removal pricing work?
For the most part, we charge by volume. Depending on how much space your items take up on our truck, we will price it accordingly. Our minimum pickup load is $99, although on occasion it may be less with curbside pickup and referral discounts. On certain occasions we may have to factor in weight of items, distance to truck, and time spent on site to your final quote.
How can I get a free, no obligation estimate?
The best way for us to quote the removal of your items is for you to either text images to our main line (678-928-5564) or send them via email to sales@gotidyup.com. Once received, one of our sales representatives will give you an estimate and let you know what day and time frame we can complete your job. Estimates are sometimes subject to change on site, but we will always confirm with you first hand, while making an effort to save you as much money as we can.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Tidy-Up Junk Removal accepts cash, checks and all major cards. Whatever is more convenient for you, we will gladly accept. A 10% discount is given for cash payments.
Should I tip my Tidy-Up crew?
While tipping is never expected or obligated, our crews greatly appreciate it! If you feel like your crew gave you 5 star service, you’re more than welcome to tip them.
What items can you take?
We will take just about anything, as long as our crew can safely pick it up and load it onto a truck. For bulkier items such as hot tubs, play sets and sheds, we will break them down and load them onto our trucks. Items we CAN NOT take include flammable liquids, oils, gasoline, and chemicals.
What do you do with the items you take?
We make effort to donate usable items whenever possible. We work with many local charities and donation centers in the area to help out our community. If an item cannot be donated, we take it to a recycling center.
Is Tidy-Up licensed and insured?
Yes. If your office requires a certificate of insurance, please ask one of our representatives and we will send it over.
We'll Take Just About Anything
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